The Oxygen Facial: The celeb secret to great skin

The Oxygen Facial: The celeb secret to great skin

oxygen-facialThe Oxygen Facial is the go-to treatment for many celebrities with self-confessed fans including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Pixie Lott (to name-drop a few). And they’re just some of the high profile stars who use Oxygen Facials to keep their skin HD ready!

As well as being a popular skin booster for world tour weary celebs, it’s also supposed to a great treatment for brides-to-be who need their skin to look its absolute best before their big day.

By using oxygen to deliver high performance ingredients where they’re needed most, fans have come to think of the Oxygen Facial as a sure-fire way to give skin a well-rested radiance – this is the nearest thing there is to a skin holiday. So if you need to look your absolute best, this could be the treatment to try.

We were intrigued by its claims to plump up and rejuvenate skin so we put it to the test and asked leading practitioner Mr. Alex Karidis to answer our questions on what makes the Oxygen Facial so addictive.

How does using oxygen on the skin help to improve its appearance?

AK: The treatment uses hyperbaric oxygen under pressure making the patient feel a cool bubble of air on the skin. This bubble then works to push medical grade super low weight hyaluronic acid into the skin. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin and its great function is that it is a “carrier” and backs almost any ingredient with it.

Hyperbaric oxygen under pressure is used extensively for wound healing, it is calming and healing, and can significantly decrease soreness and redness in the skin, it is used for example to heal ulcers or help calm inflamed or irritated skin. It can be used after laser treatments to reduce downtime after re-surfacing too.

How does the facial use oxygen to improve the appearance of the skin?
AK: The oxygen bubble pushes a serum which comprises of a small molecular structure of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, anti-oxidants and actives into the skin. It is actually the serum going into the deeper layers of the skin that improves the visible appearance of the skin; the oxygen bubble is simply a unique delivery system.

By pushing the customised serums deep into the skin as opposed to just leaving them on the surface like a typical moisturiser would, the treatment is able to hydrate the skin from within. This is why the skin becomes instantly plumper, revitalised, lifted and deeply hydrated; and achieves fantastic immediate results.

What kinds of results can you expect from an Oxygen Facial?
AK: The skin is left glowing, luminous and years younger due to the active ingredients combined with the hyaluronic acid; skin that is hydrated from within will naturally have a “lift from within” look.

The results are instant and dramatic – the face is lifted, volume is restored to the cheeks, eye bags are refreshed and smoother; and fine lines appear reduced. The skin is left glowing and has an airbrushed look.

Which types of clients usually get the most OMG results?
AK: Many young models and celebrities have the treatment and it is great for enhancing a young skin, but for those over 35 results can really make a difference as wrinkles, sagging, discoloration, coarse or sun damaged skin and open pores can all be treated effectively. Though it is great on a younger person, as we age there are more things to address and this is where the treatment can really make a difference.

Which serums are applied to the skin during the facial?
AK: Intraceuticals, an Australian cosmeceutical company – they are experts on hyaluronic acid and the benefits of delivering actives into the deeper layers of the skin. They are new to the UK but are established in most countries around the world.

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