Model Amy Willerton undergoes fat-freezing treatment

Model Amy Willerton undergoes fat-freezing treatment

amyWhen it comes to naming those in need of fat treatment the winner of Miss Universe England does not immediately spring to mind.

Amy Willerton may not be the most likely candidate for having body issues, but the model has recently undergone a £600 fat-freezing treatment to tone her thighs to get in shape for her 2015 Calendar shoot.

The I’m a Celeb star went on two month campaign to drop the weight gained due to eating carbs to train for London Marathon, in order to look toned and trim for her latest swim-wear shoot.

Her weight gain was noticeable after the Marathon, when the 23-year-old model was pictured wearing only some skimpy swimwear and long blonde hair extensions at the Chelsea Flower Show back in May.

Amy revealed that she wasn’t her usual svelte self because the carb heavy diet that her marathon trainer had put her on prior to the race had made her pile on some weight.

‘Just a short while after I had run the marathon I was still not back to my usual figure when I did a swim-wear photo shoot at Chelsea Flower Show’ said the 22-year-old.

‘Bizarrely, I actually put weight on when I was training for the London marathon. I was carb-loading because I was burning so much energy in training but it didn’t help my figure.’

Amy says that she does not regret doing the race whatsoever but she was eager to shed some of the weight she had gained.

‘I am really happy that I took part and raised a lot of money for the Chickenshed charity, but afterwards I needed to go back to what I know – eating healthy and regular gym sessions.’

Amy was pictured standing in giant scallop shell was meant to recreate the classic Botticelli painting The Birth of Venus, but instead it received a barrage of abuse on Twitter with people calling her ‘huge’ and ‘a whale’.

Amy says that it was the harsh comments that left her motivated enough to get back to her slender self.

I did a photo shoot at Chelsea Flower Show and I received some really nasty comments on twitter. I don’t think I have ever had such negative criticism before, but I didn’t let the twitter trolls bother me and in fact I used that criticism as motivation to get in even better shape and now I’m the best shape I’ve ever been in.’

Although the model was hugely driven to lose the weight she admitted that a it was a fat-freezing process that gave her the helping hand she needed.

‘I’d also heard about the Lipoglaze fat-freezing treatment from friends who told me it kills off fat cells. They said it had worked for them and that it was pain-free so I thought why not? 

‘I work out regularly but I sometimes find it hard to shift the weight off of my thighs so I thought it would be good to have a bit of extra help in spot reduction of fat in that area.’

Amy had the treatment at LoveLite clinic in Harley Street a few weeks after Chelsea Flower Show. The 60-minute treatment was for her upper thighs and has been seen to reduce fat deposits by up to 59% in just one session.

A protective gauze is placed on the body area which is then gently sucked into the treatment head which then slightly heats the skin for five minutes before slowly reducing the skin temperature to minus 2C.

At this temperature fat cells crystallise and die, and then naturally waste away through the body’s renal system over the next 6-8 weeks.

Amy couldn’t wait to see the results and took to Twitter to share her excitement.

‘Was so worried about trying #Lipoglaze but it didn’t hurt at all! Yay @LoveLiteUk awesome job can’t wait to track the results x’

Despite having been motivated to lose weight, Amy insists that she was in no way bullied into it and says she did it purely for her own benefit.

‘I would NEVER try to lose weight because people told me I have to. It’s all about how you feel in yourself – bullies should not dictate how you live.’

Debra Robson, director of the LoveLite clinic in Harley Street, says that even the skinniest of models can sometimes have a little cellulite that can’t be shifted.

‘Even super fit girls like Amy have that little bit of fat that just won’t budge, regardless of how much exercise they do.’

‘That’s where Lipoglaze comes in – it destroys those stubborn fat cells that would otherwise have taken years of hard work to break down.’

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